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Women’s empowerment project in Mali

2019.10.18 //

The Barceló Foundation and the House of Mali Association strengthened the capacities of 350 women farmers in the community of Djélibani, in the region of Koulikoro.

Located at the foot of the Mandingas Mountains, this village does not have running water or electricity, but due to its beauty and proximity to the capital, Bamako, is experiencing a great population growth.

The favorable climate and the soil fertility of this region makes the agricultural production very important (especially in the cultivation of cereals and nuts) but insufficient to supply all the population.

For this reason, House of Mali Association drew the main lines of this women’s empowerment project, to increase the efficiency of Djélibani’s community garden and improve the feeding conditions and life of its inhabitants.

Thanks to the contribution of our Foundation, material and seeds have been acquired and part of the training of women in fruit cultivation, harvesting and storage issues has been funded.
For its part, House of Mali Association has established a local production chain of the card, creating producers and marketing these women’s products, which have increased their household income.

The results of the project have been an 80% increase in cashew production, improving the food sovereignty of the community and a 70% decrease in child malnutrition.

Due to the success of the initiative, it is already considering applying it to other neighboring villages, such as Tabú and Kaka in order to energize the local economy also.