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Productive project in Haiti

2020.06.08 //

The Barceló Foundation and UCAD build a grain mill to improve the food conditions of 3.000 rural families in Saint Jean du Sud.

Haití is the poorest country of America. It’s estimated that 80% of the population lives below the poverty line and two-thirds of it is dependent on the primary sector (agriculture and fisheries). In Saint Jean du Sud, a small town of 1.000 inhabitants located in south Haiti, men work in the fields and women and children in domestic chores and daily food production. As a result, only 47 per cent of children goes to school.

Haitian diet’s base are cereals, basically rice and maize, and legumes (beans, chickpeas, etc.). Every day, women and their children have to walk about 10 hours to reach the nearest grain mill, which is 25 kilometres away, to transform the grain into edible flour; a process that takes them about 5 hard hours working.

Aware of the physical exhaustion for them ando also the time they have to invest in it, the Barceló Foundation and UCAD Haiti decided to build a mill closer to the community. In exchange women’s benefiting have to school their children in order to give them a regular and daily access to education.

Thanks to the Foundation’s contribution, which amounted to 16.575 USD, the hangar or hut that houses the mill was built and the labour was paid. For its part, UCAD financed the machinery needed to obtain the cereals and organized a Community Supervisory Committee, which guarantees the proper functioning and maintenance of the mill every month.

Once the mill have been installed, the 3.000 women beneficiaries of the project have improved their food conditions and reduced their workload, even increasing their family incomes. Also, thanks to the schooling of their children, the improvement of the education in the area has been promoted.