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Recognition to the School Kites of Hope

2019.02.22 //

The integral education center financed by our Foundation receives the Award for Quality in Public Management, granted by the Ministry of Public Administration of the Dominican Republic, for the second time.

For more than 12 years, the Association Cometas de Esperanza together with the Barceló Foundation started the project “Niños Buzo”, to remove more than 300 children from the Rafey dump, in Santiago de los Caballeros, and to school them and offer them a better future.

After this time, the integral Cometas de Esperanza center located in the neighborhood of La Mosca, houses 400 students who attend kindergarten and primary school and has a very professional teaching team, since it has been valued several times as one of the best educational centers in the entire Dominican Republic.

In this fourteenth edition of the awards, in which more than 56 entities applied, the Dominican government awarded the Ooro Award in its Provincial Quality Awards in Santiago to the Cometas de Esperanza center. Óscar Faes, president of the Foundation and Andrea Suero, director of the school, they were responsible for collecting the recognition.

In addition, in 2018 the education minister, Andrés Navarro, signed a collaboration agreement with Cometas to replicate his model and successful educational experience to other schools in the country near landfills, and included it in the Educational Centers Network so that he could receive the State financial aid necessary to guarantee the schooling of these young people at high risk. Navarro also committed to finance the construction of a Polytechnic Liceo for Comets, so that his students can continue with secondary school, bachelor and vocational training.

From the Barceló Foundation we want to send our sincere congratulations for all the work done and the successes achieved.