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“Llar del Grec” school reinforcement

2020.08.17 //

The Barceló Foundation finances a school reinforcement programme for young people between 15 and 18 years old in Majorca who live in supervised appartments.

The main objective of this project carried out by the Group of Street Educators and Work with Minors (GREC) is to take care of the children and young people in difficult situations and/or social conflict and their families.

During this academic year 2019-2020 the project had two different periods: from September to March where the support classes were provided in person to all the students and from April to June, where due to the confinement decreed by the COVID-19, they carried out telematically.
At the beggining we had several problems related to technological resources available to the kids, but once we solved them they took the dinamic again and the support classes were a success”, says Alicia Pinós teacher of the students. Uche, one of the beneficiaries of the project assures “we are very happy with Alicia, she taught me a lot to focus on my studies and I’m very grateful”.

The academic development is linked with the personal and emotional situation that experienced the children, for this reason the educators carried out a personalizaed follow-up of each of them that benefits their learning.

This is one of the projects that the Barceló Foundation has decided to renew this 2020, giving a grant of 5.000 euros to GREC, in order to have this space to offer the reinforcement lessons to the young people.
As a result, their tutors says that all of them experienced a sustantial improvement in their qualificattions and attittude for work.