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Rehabilitation of disabled children in Tanzania

2019.03.06 //

Barceló Kids Project is a project aimed at alleviating the physical and mental disabilities of 30 children and young people in the rural area of ​​Karagwe.

In 2016, within our project FARMASOL (Solidarity Pharmacies and Health Education in Africa) we opened a solidarity pharmacy in the Rehabilitation Center of Karagwe, located in the Kagera region, in northeastern Tanzania. In addition to providing medicines to approximately 12,000 patients, we also carry out prevention and integration campaigns for this group in 21 villages in the area.

Two years later, considering that the government of the country already supplies these drugs to the population through the state health services, we have reformulated the project and currently allocate the funds to the medical rehabilitation of these patients, mainly children, who suffer from a disability. physical or mental (hydrocephalus, paralysis, epilepsy, blindness, albinism, etc.)

With the contribution made, the Foundation finances the costs of hospitalization, intervention, treatment, medicines and assisted therapies for each of these children, as well as the transfer of their home to the hospital and the hospital to each. In addition, we also hold informative talks with their families so that they become aware of the illnesses suffered by their children and the importance of their acceptance and inclusion in their respective communities.

Iranzi Korodi, 6 years old and with cerebral palsy; Angel Joackin of only 4 with hydrocephalus; Issa Masih, 8, who suffers from chronic osteomyelitis and 7-year-old Sylvia, who suffers from osteosarcoma, is an example of children who have already undergone satisfactory surgery and who are currently being treated thanks to the help of the Barceló Foundation.

Due to the success of the project, a diffusion campaign is being carried out through the radio and by word of mouth of the beneficiaries, in order to extend it to other neighboring communities.