Ethiopia is a country scarred by ethnic conflicts, wars and the growth of ethno-nationalism, which explain the current situation in which its inhabitants find themselves.
In 2019 we started our collaboration with the Chiri Health Centre, 25 kilometres from Bonga, a mountainous area in the south-west of Ethiopia, the Centre is managed by the Congregation of the Eucharistic Missionaries of Jesus the Infant.

In 2021 we have renewed our collaboration for the 3rd consecutive year as a result of the need and the good results of the project, supplying the necessary medicines and also the hematology equipment to carry out the different analyses in the laboratory of the health centre.
Thanks to the Farmasol Project, the Center is supplied annually with the necessary medication for its operation and the correct care of more than 23.000 patients are attended each year.
The provision of medication and its correct use is essential to cure diseases and prevent more serious illnesses.