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Renewal of the scholarship program for young people in Rwanda

2019.10.30 //

One more year, Barceló Foundation allows the schooling of 153 vulnerable young people, aged between 7 and 17, from the Nemba region together with the Museke Association.

Rwanda is an eminently rural country, with more than 78% of its inhabitants engaged in agriculture and 64% living below the poverty line. The 1994 genocide, in addition to aggravating their situation, destroyed the country’s main health and education infrastructures. For this reason, in 2010 the Museke Association was born, to fight for the rights of unprotected children.

Young people in Nemba, located in the north of the country 61 km from the capital Kigali, come from families without resources, who cannot afford the high costs of education, therefore, in the passage from primary to secondary they drop out of school.

The Barceló Foundation and the Museke Association then decided to create a scholarship program to improve access to high school, university and special education studies and to fight against the country’s high dropout rates.

Thanks to the contribution of the Foundation, the costs of tuition, school supplies and transport of 83 girls and 70 secondary children of this school year will be covered, who would not see their future diminished if they were to be of this help. In parallel, they will also work with their families through talks and colloquiums to highlight the importance of education as a tool for change, such as the master beam that will expand the opportunities for personal and professional growth of their children and therefore, of the socio-economic situation.

This initiative aims to strengthen the Nemba community through the empowerment of its young people as well as improve the level of education throughout the country.