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2021.04.28 //

In 2018 we started our collaboration with the Health Center Abedober in Uganda, with the supply of the annual medication for the proper functioning of the health center, managed by the physician Sister Justine of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate Congregation.

The area where the health center is located is a rural area where not long ago, there was a war, and where the infrastructure leaves much to be desired, so this health center is gradually improving its facilities.

After two years of collaboration, in 2020, together with the supply of all the materials and medication for almost 4.000 beneficiaries, we have expanded the intervention by building the facilities that house the pharmacy and a waiting room for the Center.

These constructions have made it possible to reorganize the health center’s facilities and expand the patient care area, especially the safe maternity and childbirth care program where the Foundation provides medication.

In addition, the fact of having medicines on a continuous basis ensures that patients attend the center, since on other occasions if there are no medicines for a period of time, patients stop attending the health center, all of which affects their state of health.

In 2021 we have renewed our partnership due to the need and the good results of the project.