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Rosa Mestre, a precocious and pioneering music.

2019.04.23 //

The Foundation fully covers the edition of the book written by the musician of Felanitx Joan Círia i Maimó, with the aim that the importance of the work of Rosa Mestre, figure of the history of music in Mallorca, does not fall into oblivion.  

Rosa Mestre was, and still is, the first and only Mallorcan woman who has written a zarzuela. His famous “Lily”, released in 1893 at the Teatro Circo de Palma, catapulted her to the highest positions in musical composition, a sector until then reserved only for men. She was a pioneer, audacious and precocious artist, since she published her first work as a young girl of only 14 years old.

During the investigation of the figure like baritone Llorenç Prohens and the musician Bartomeu Alzamora, Joan Círia (Felanitx, 1985) carries out an exhaustive research work about the figure of Mestre, a woman who left a mark in the history of the music of Balearic Islands, as did Antònia Llorenç or Matilde Escalas in their day.

“It may be that this is a prelude to a collection dedicated to remembering Balearic women of 19th century music, unjustly forgotten” assures Círia.

The author greatly appreciates his support for the Barceló Foundation, which, demonstrating a great commitment to all the cultural aspects of Mallorca, has financed the cost of editing the volume.