SAMPOL Group, has done a donation to the Barceló Foundation to contribute to an educational project for the Turkana community in Kenya.

The project with which SAMPOL will collaborate consists of an agricultural school for children and is aimed at the Turkana ethnic minority living in the north of the African country. It is a region ravaged by severe droughts where there are practically no health or educational infrastructures. Therefore, the Barceló Foundation plans to build in 2022 in the village of Nakinomet this agricultural school with a house to accommodate 30 children of the semi-nomadic community. The project includes the construction of water wells with solar energy pumping, the installation of solar panels, towers to support the water systems and irrigation systems. In addition, the project employs a teacher and a person who cooks and takes care of the children.

On the occasion of the donation ceremony, Mr. Gabriel Sampol, president of SAMPOL Group, met at the headquarter of the Barceló Foundation with the co-founder, Mr. Gabriel Barceló, the president, Ms. Francisca Barceló and the managing director, Mr. Antonio Monjo.