The construction of family latrines in Saint-Jean-du-Sud has been completed, which aims both to significantly reduce the number of deaths from diarrheal diseases in the localities, and to improve the sanitary conditions of peasant families after the passage of the earthquake of 14 August 2021 that destroyed almost all community and family health infrastructure.

As a context, less than 40% of families have latrines, also in some cases the fact of having a latrine does not mean that it is used, since the hygienic state does not allow its use and it becomes a source of diseases. In most cases, this situation is due to a flagrant lack of hygiene education.

A sanitation system has finally been installed for 20 families: 10 latrines in the town of Trichet and another 10 in Tapion. For the work, in addition to the contribution of the Barceló Foundation, the beneficiary families provided local materials estimated at 260,000 gourdes, while UCAD, the local partner, covered the project management costs.

This project is only a small part of all those included in AGUAY+.