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2021.10.08 //

Through more than 15 years developing projects in Haiti, we are collaborating with one of the poorest

 After more than 15 years developing projects in Haiti, we continue to collaborate with one of the poorest countries in the world, and the poorest in America. A state plagued by political and climatic crises and natural disasters that hinder the development of its inhabitants.

 Our commitment is to collaborate through agricultural strengthening and food security projects, as we do with our local partner UCAD (Union des Cadres pour le Developpement).

 The project consists of strengthening local agriculture by promoting goat breeding for the food and economic improvement of 40 vulnerable farming families in Saint-Jean-du-Sud, providing them with the necessary tools to break the vicious circle of extreme poverty. Goat rearing is an important source of income from the sale of goats, the improvement of fertilizers, as well as a source of consumption and sale of products derived from goat rearing, such as meat, milk, wool and leather.

 For the proper development of this project, a committee has been created, made up of members of the beneficiary population, local authorities and a representative of UCAD, in charge of the management and sustainability of the project due to its multiplying and redistributive effect.

 The sale of the first goat offspring will cover the families’ needs for education and medical care for their offspring, as well as improve their diet.