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Being a midwife in Ethiopia

2021.05.05 //

On the International Day of the Midwife, today we want to talk about the project “Maternity in Zizencho”, one of our childbirth cares projects, that in 2017 created in Ethiopia and today continues to.

In collaboration with Bethany Sisters, our Foundation finances both training and diagnostic equipment (ultrasound scanner) for the midwifes at the health center, in addition the maintenance costs and maternity operation.

Thanks to this project, free prenatal care is guaranteed to women in the area, in addition to covering the costs of childbirth and ensuring the necessary food, medication and treatment during the mothers’ stay at the health center.

The important work of midwifes in ensuring safe pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum deliveries makes it possible for more than 1.000 deliveries to be attended each year, in which babies are born healthy.

This is an important date, since the WHO data talks about 4 mothers dies in Ethiopia and 28 babies per 1.000 births.

In this case, there are the Bethany Sisters who carry on this important work to bring at the world a new life, thanks to this training like a nurses and midwife, thus contributing to the reduction of the neonatal death rate in the country.