Water is the key to ensuring progress and guaranteeing access to better living conditions. Unfortunately, in many areas of the Sahel, in Burkina Faso, the use of water is controlled by armed militias, terrorist groups or simply because they cannot access the underground rivers that contain this precious commodity.

To put an end to this humanitarian drama, the Barceló Foundation has built more than 86 wells, latrines and infrastructures related to water and sanitation through the AGUAY+ Project, which began in 2020. With the aim of improving health through prevention, the Foundation has collaborated with the organisation Agua per al Sahel since 2013 and 13 wells have been built and rehabilitated together.

It is a project that guarantees sustainability and direct monitoring that ensures the positive impact of the project, as well as having the approval and requirements demanded by the country’s government. Rehabilitation not only saves money but also has a less aggressive impact on the environment and improves the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations.