Since 2015 we have been working in Uganda with several Farmasol projects, supplying medicines, medical care and specific health programs.

Currently of the 9 Farmasol projects in Uganda, 6 are in Health centers managed by the sisters of the Ugandan Congregation Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate in the areas of Gulu, Lira, Karungu and Padibe.

In Karungu about 5.000 patients receive their medication at the St. Jude Thaddeus Health Center and at the mobile clinic that visits the villages, in the Gulu area, in addition to the supply of medication to two health centers, we have developed a project for the care of chronic patients. In the Lira and Kitgum areas, in addition to supplying medication to the health centers, we finance different programs, including childbirth monitoring and care, community savings programs for the center’s patients, etc. We try to adapt each project to the real needs of the population, generating well-being and development.

The doctors and nurses who manage the health centers belong to the local congregation of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate, founded in 1936, and are responsible for guaranteeing the distribution of medicines for the nearly 20.000 patients attended annually, without whom the Farmasol projects would not be possible.