The Barceló Foundation has been carrying out projects in the health field since 1989, such as ophthalmological campaigns, supply of medical equipment, operations and surgical campaigns, mother and child projects, etc.

In March 2015, the Barceló Foundation decided to launch its own initiative to supply medicines and materials necessary for the proper functioning of hospitals or health centers with which it collaborates, this initiative is called Farmasol Project.

health projects

In order to carry out the Farmasol Project we work directly with local partners, they are the ones who guarantee the sustainability and good work of the project. Normally, religious congregations are responsible for the clinics and hospitals with which we collaborate hand in hand, helping to provide preventive and curative services to the population, reducing mortality and morbidity rates and thus improving their life expectancy and quality of life.

As a result of this knowledge and direct collaboration, the Farmasol Project has been evolving and other projects have been generated whose final objective is the prevention of diseases. Among the group of projects developed is the water well project in Uganda and Turkana. In addition, specific campaigns or programs are carried out with the final objective of satisfying a need (Ruanda) or covering an intrinsic deficiency detected in each population(Haití, Burkina Faso); podoconiosis prevention programs in Ethiopia , nutrition programs in Turkana, operation and support programs for the disabled in Tanzania, etc.

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