Water is the key to a community's progress, water is life and generates development. We talk about clean water to avoid diseases and water to generate future.

Although we have been building wells for years, it was in 2019 that we decided to create a water and sanitation project, where every year more than 30 wells are built and where water channeling and supply infrastructures are also carried out, in addition to sanitation such as latrines in schools.

We build wells where they are most needed, we work with the people in charge who will form the water committee that will manage and take care of the maintenance of the wells. We demand a commitment from the community to get them involved in the construction of the wells, and they are the ones who are in charge of fencing them.

Phases in well construction

Hydrogeological study
Recurso 2
Water committees organization
Recurso 3
Recurso 4
Recurso 5
Fencing per community
Recurso 6

Some 60.000 people now have access to clean water