Sede Palma

Headquarter in Palma

When the Foundation was created, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of people's quality of life, it was thought that one of the most important facets was the knowledge and dissemination of Culture through its different manifestations.

The Casa Marqués del Reguer-Rullán is the headquarters of the Foundation in Palma, and one of the representative examples of the neo-Gothic civil architecture of the city. We opened its doors in 1989, thus initiating a collaboration with Mallorcan culture, which we have been developing since the beginning of our activity.

In 1996 Mrs. Antonia Barceló Oliver donated part of the Barceló family house located in the municipality of Felanitx, birthplace of the Barceló family. After years of restoration, in 2004 the Centre d'Art i Cultura de la Fundació Barceló was inaugurated. This center is located at Bisbe Puig 1 street and is intended for artistic and cultural activities that may be of interest to Felanitx and its region, to which this initiative is offered.

Sede Felanixt

Headquarter in Felanitx

Finca Son Barceló

Son Barceló

Son Barceló is a small country estate located in the northeast of the municipality of Felanitx.

Its links to the Barceló family began in 1924. Over the years, the initial surface was integrated by adjacent lands until in 2013, Mrs. Francisca Barceló Oliver, donated the property to the Barceló Foundation. Finally, it was the Barceló Foundation itself that bought several adjoining properties to complete the current surface of the estate of 11.44 hectares, whose production is entirely destined to the food distribution of the Alisol Project.

Artistic heritage

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Our activity has paid special attention to commemorate the pictorial work of Mallorcan artists or residents on the island of the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century, support artists with a recognized career, or young people with special talent who need support to launch their career.

Our annual proposals present an exhibition program of plastic arts both at our headquarters in Palma and in Felanitx.

In more than thirty years of experience we have organized nearly 200 exhibitions, 20 painting competitions for adults and 3 for young schoolchildren, complementing the cultural activities offered by other institutions.

Our exhibition space consists of two rooms, one in Palma and one in Felanitx, which represent about 200 m2 available to meet the objective of our work: to bring art to all audiences.