From the Foundation we consider education the engine for development for that reason, for more than 25 years we have been committed to education, in addition to educational scholarships that include students from primary school to university, we invest in infrastructure such as the construction of kindergartens, schools, vocational training institutes and their maintenance over time to ensure quality education.

As a result of the direct work with local populations in the Farmasol Project, other deficiencies have been detected and it has been decided to act to help the most disadvantaged populations, and that is why educational infrastructures have been built and programs are being developed to guarantee job placement and a decent future for people with disabilities. Such is the case of the Vocational Training School and the formation of work groups that allow them to generate income in Tanzania.

Students awarded scholarships annually

In specific areas, where we have been working since 2015. Based on the experience and trust in our local partners, we have decided to act at all levels, from educational, to social economic, health, etc. and to develop multi-projects, thus creating the Turkana and Tanzania Interventions.

Children attend the day care centers every day