To contribute to the improvement of the human, economic and social development of people in need, through specific health, education and infrastructure programs.

To encourage the development of agriculture and the implementation of productive projects, taking into account the preservation of the environment.

To maintain and promote local cultural activities.

All the actions of the Foundation are guided by the principle of social responsibility.


We want to be an organisation recognised for being active in the identification of viable projects and unmet needs, seeking creative and innovative formulas to obtain the best results for the beneficiaries.

We want our actions to generate well-being and development in the communities with which we work, and that integrity and the way we act are the driving force behind these actions.



Efficiency in the management of resources, allocating the majority of our resources to the activities of the projects themselves and using the management costs and people strictly necessary for their proper functioning..

Adequate control and monitoring to ensure the effective fulfilment of objectives.

Transparency and good corporate governance both in the execution of the projects and in making available to any entity or authorised person all relevant information related to the Foundation

Solidarity, responsibility and diligence in the execution of the different actions.