• FARMASOL Project (Solidarity pharmacies and health education)

    Opening of pharmacies in Africa to facilitate access to medicines for the most disadvantaged populations and to educate in hygiene and health habits
    FARMASOL Project (Solidarity pharmacies and health education)
  • Liceo Saint Robert Bellarmin

    Construction of a primary, secondary and vocational training institute for 800 students in Kyabé (Chad)
    Liceo Saint Robert Bellarmin
  • Fight against child malnutrition in Rwanda

    Maintenance of the Rukara Nutrition Center and recruitment of a doctor to attend to the mother and child area of the hospital
    Fight against child malnutrition in Rwanda
  • Access to drinking water

    Drilling and construction of 50 wells in Uganda to provide clean water to over 25.000 Africans
    Access to drinking water
  • Scholarships

    Providing educational scholarships as well as school materials and uniforms to poor children in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Malawi and El Salvador, among others
  • Improving food health in Haiti

    Purchase of livestock to strengthen the economy of 600 disadvantaged rural families in Beausejour and the Jacmel Valley
    Improving food health in Haiti
  • Ophthalmological campaigns

    Fight against blindness in Senegal and training of ophthalmologists in Kenya
    Ophthalmological campaigns
  • Inclusive education in Guatemala

    Integration of 600 blind and deaf children from the Department of Sololá into regular schools
    Inclusive education in Guatemala
  • Women's empowerment

    Improvement of the socio-economic situation of 440 women farmers in Mali and Senegal and creation of women's promotion groups
    Women’s empowerment
  • Fighting podoconiosis in Ethiopia

    Construction of a centre for the treatment of more than 1.300 podoconiosis patients in the Sire area
    Fighting podoconiosis in Ethiopia
  • Rehabilitation of disabled children in Tanzania

    Barceló Kids Project aims to alleviate the physical and mental disabilities of 30 children and young people in the rural area of Karagwe
    Rehabilitation of disabled children in Tanzania
  • Microcredits

    Granting of 100 microcredits to women entrepreneurs in the department of Quiché (Guatemala) for their inclusion in the country's productive fabric
  • Social projects Majorca

    Funding for 36 charitable projects, which do not receive institutional support, to assist the island's most disadvantaged groups
    Social projects Majorca
  • AGROSOL + ALISOL projects

    Production and donation of perishable food to 13 charities in Majorca to enrich the diet of the most needy
    AGROSOL + ALISOL projects
  • Capella Mallorquina

    Sponsorship of the choral group, founded by Mr. Bernat Julià, for the season 2019-2020
    Capella Mallorquina

Fundación Barceló HeadQuartersThe Barceló Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated by the Barceló family on October 24, 1989, set out in a public document, and legally authorized by Notary Mr. Salvador Balle Oliver, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

With an initial grant of 3 million euros, the Barceló Foundation was registered in the registry of the foundation protectorate of the ministry of education and science of the government of Spain, with the number bal 1-1-3-16, on july 19th, 1990. Currently, the Foundation’s own resources exceed 32 million euros.

The Foundation’s headquarters is based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), within an historic building – Casa del Marqués de Reguer-Rullán’s House- listed in Mallorca’s cultural heritage charter.

The programs of the Barceló Foundation are preferably aimed at the countries in África and latin america most in need.

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Success of the Capella Mallorquina concert sponsored by Barceló Foundation

The Basilica of Sant Miquel in Palma completed its capacity last Thursday on the occasion of the polyphonic concert offered by the Capella Mallorquina, under

News // 26.10.2020

Fundación Barceló wins the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Awards for the best trajectory

The Barceló Foundation has been recognized with the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Award, in the category of “best trajectory”. This award coincides with the 30th

News // 22.10.2020

The Therapeutic Cabinet of Asnimo expands its attention

The Therapeutic Cabinet of ASNIMO (TCA), one of the 36 projects in Majorca supported by the Barceló Foundation, has opened a new service point in

News // 19.10.2020

 October 2020


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