• Health

    International Medical Assistance Program (AMI), which aims to provide free medical and health assistance to the most-needed populations in African and Latin American countries
  • Fight against child labor explotation in Madagascar

    Construction of two high school classrooms in the school “Los Zafiros” to school 240 children in a special vulnerability situation
    Lucha contra la explotación laboral infantil en Madagascar
  • Farmasol Project

    Opening of solidarity pharmacies in Africa to facilitate access to medicines for people without resources and educate on hygiene and health habits
    Proyecto Farmasol
  • Health strengthening in Rwanda

    Maintenance of the Nutritional Center of Rukara’s Hospital
    Fortalecimiento sanitario en Ruanda
  • Ophthalmological campaigns

    Fight against blindness in Senegal and fellowships for ophthalmological training in Turkana, Kenya
    Campañas oftalmológicas
  • Scholarships for schooling

    Granting educational scholarships to children and young people whose families suffer significant economic needs
    Becas de escolarización
  • Reina Sofía School of Spain

    Construction of a school in Haití to school 380 children after the fateful earthquake that struck the country in 2010
    escuela reina sofia new
  • Mother-child center in Ethiopia

    Program to improve child nutrition and preschool education in the Angar Guten Valley
    Centro materno-infantil en Etiopía
  • Diver Children

    Schooling of the children who worked in the Rafey dump and funding of “Cometas de Esperanza” school
    Niños Buzo
  • Access to drinking water

    Drilling and construction of wells to supply drinking water to populations with great access difficulties
    Acceso al agua potable
  • School transport in India

    Financing of the necessary expenses to transfer in bus 220 girls with difficulties to the Santa Ana School of Borivli
    Transporte escolar en  Índia
  • Sustainable rural development in Bolivia

    Promotion of agri-food and gastronomic networks for rural producers in the Altiplano
  • Reconstruction of the “Shree Bumedhevi School”

    Financing of the reconstruction works of a school in Nepal
    Reconstrucción de la escuela Shree Bumedhevi
  • ALISOL project

    Donation of perishable foods to charities in Mallorca that help the most-needed people
    Proyecto ALISOL
  • Capella Mallorquina

    With the sponsorship of the Barceló Foundation, the choir develops a great variety of concerts that consolidate it as a musical reference and with recognized prestige, both national and international
    Capella Mallorquina

Barcelo Foundation The Barceló Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated by the Barceló family on October 24, 1989, set out in a public document, and legally authorized by Notary Mr. Salvador Balle Oliver, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

With an initial grant of 3 million euros, the Barceló Foundation was registered in the registry of the foundation protectorate of the ministry of education and science of the government of Spain, with the number bal 1-1-3-16, on july 19th, 1990. Currently, the Foundation’s own resources exceed 32 million euros.

The Foundation’s headquarters is based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), within an historic building – Casa del Marqués de Reguer-Rullán’s House- listed in Mallorca’s cultural heritage charter.

The programs of the Barceló Foundation are preferably aimed at the countries in África and latin america most in need.

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Barceló Foundation: making a global impact

La Fundación en el Mundo

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Nueva donación de la pintora María Vich

La artista felanitxera hace una nueva donación a la Fundación Barceló de 352 cuadros, lo que pasa a engrosar su patrimonio artístico donado a 701

News // 27.03.2020

Fight against Child Labor in Ecuador

Barceló Foundation and UBECI join their forces to eradicate child exploitation in the markets of Quito, the country’s capital.

News // 24.03.2020

Extraordinay donation to the ALISOL Project

Even thoug the Nation is in state of alarm and national confinement by COVID-19, the Barceló Foundation makes a donation to the Solidarity Food Project

News // 19.03.2020

 March 2020


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