• Kindergarten Turkana.

    Kindergarten Project in Turkana.
    Kindergarten Turkana.
  • Safe Maternity Project in Turkana.

    Safe Maternity Project in Turkana.
    Safe Maternity Project in Turkana.
  • Sunday program for the elderly in Kenya.

    Sunday program for the elderly in Kenya.
    Sunday program for the elderly in Kenya.
  • Farmasol project, Tanzania.

    Child in physiotherapy. Farmasol project, Tanzania.
    Farmasol project, Tanzania.
  • Farmasol Project, Padibe

    Padibe Clinic Workers – Farmasol Project, Padibe, Uganda.
    Farmasol Project, Padibe
  • Agricultural Project in Angar Guten, Ethiopia.

    Agricultural Project in Angar Guten, Ethiopia.
    Agricultura Angar
  • Haro Wato scholarships

    Scholarship students at the Haro Wato School. Ethiopia.
    becas haro wato
  • Scholarship new dawn

    Scholarship children at the New Down School, Ethiopia.
    Scholarship new dawn
  • Campaign Turkara

    Nutrition Center Campaign in Turkana.
    Campaign Turkara
  • Vaccination campaign

    Vaccination campaign in Amakuriat, Kenya.
    Vaccination campaign
  • Beneficiaries of the social development project, Uganda.

    Beneficiaries of the social development project, Uganda.
    Beneficiarias proyecto desarrollo social, Uganda
  • Educational talks. Nekemte Etiopía

    Educational talks about the treatment and prevention of Podoconiosis. Nekemte, Ethiopia.
    Educational talks. Nekemte
  • Access to drinking water

    Drilling and construction of 50 wells in Uganda to provide clean water to over 25.000 Africans
    Access to drinking water
  • Microcredits

    Granting of 100 microcredits to women entrepreneurs in the department of Quiché (Guatemala) for their inclusion in the country's productive fabric
  • AGROSOL + ALISOL projects

    Production and donation of perishable food to 13 charities in Majorca to enrich the diet of the most needy
    AGROSOL + ALISOL projects

Sede Fundación Barceló

The Barceló Foundation is a non-profit institution created by the Barceló family on October 24th, 1989, in a public document authorized by the Notary Don Salvador Balle Oliver.

With an initial endowment of 3 million euros, the Barceló Foundation was registered in the Registry of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Government of Spain, with the number BAL 1-1-3-16, on July 19, 1990. Currently the Foundation’s own resources exceed 35.2 million euros.

The Barceló Foundation has its registered office in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), in a historic building – the Casa del Marqués de Reguer-Rullán – cataloged as a Site of Cultural Interest.

The Barceló Foundation programs are preferably aimed at the neediest countries in Africa and Latin America.

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