Today we want to talk about one of our projects in Kenya. This is the Farmasol Amakuriat project. It has been active since 2017 and consists of supplying the necessary medication and material for the health center managed by the Comboni Sisters congregation, our local partner.​

Farmasol Amakuriat goes hand in hand with another project: Amakuriat Vaccination and Nutrition. This intervention began in 2018 and consists of carrying out vaccination campaigns in the villages furthest from the health center. In addition, a care service is organized for malnourished children in the area, with subsequent monitoring of each of the families.

Between the two projects, an annual average of 12,000 beneficiaries are served and almost €20,000 per year is allocated between the two projects.

For yet another year, we are proud to announce the renewal of these projects, which promote accessibility to health services and an improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries.