From 1995 to July 2021, Aigua per al Sahel has financed the construction of 170 new drinking water wells (forages, P.E.A) and the rehabilitation/expansion of 62 old wells for rural villages, primary schools, colleges and also for health centers/ maternity (CSPS). The construction of latrines has also begun, since 2019.
The Barceló Foundation has been one of its main financiers in recent years. This year, seven wells have already been rehabilitated and twelve latrines have been built in Burkina Faso. Construction of a new well will also start soon, despite the difficult situation the country is facing.
Currently, the installation of a hydraulic distribution network financed by the Barceló Foundation has just been completed, with Aigua Per Al Sahel as a local partner. Thanks to this project, the extension and channeling of water is facilitated to bring it closer to the population center.
The plan is to continue supporting development in Burkina Faso hand in hand with our local partners. We have our sights set on 2023 to carry out new projects in the area.