Through our Alisol project, which consists of distributing all the produce collected at our Son Barceló estate, and thanks to the cooperation of food companies such as Rubiato Paredes, Hnos. Buades, OPMallorca, LIDL Capdepera and Cala Millor, Terracor, Esplet, Quely, as well as others such as Caixabank, AutoVidal and private donors, we distribute fresh food such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. Currently, around 28 tonnes of food every month.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both the donors and the 18 non-profit organisations that work tirelessly to ensure that our contributions reach the most vulnerable people: Es Refugi, Hntas. de los Pobres, A.A. Montesión, Patr.Obrero, la Viña, SOS Mamas, San Juan de Dios, Obra Mercedaria, Fundació Tardor, Asoc. Siloé, Cáritas Petra, La Salle, Zaqueo, Ebenezer Maranata, Cáritas Campos, Porreres, Llucmajor and Cala d’Or.